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Identify your innovation whitespace, scout for innovations, and benchmark the R&D strategies of your competitors.

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Innovation and R&D Solutions

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Innovative research & development depends on combined technological, regulatory, and intellectual property insights, but how best to find relevant answers in the vast and increasing amount of available data? 

Companies need to identify their innovation whitespace, scout for innovations, and benchmark the R&D strategies of their competitors while ensuring that new and existing products meet all mandated safety standards.

Navigate the vast amount of available scientific literature and patents with Evalueserve’s help so that you remain innovative, competitive, and compliant.

We are the world’s largest provider of R&D intelligence solutions. Our domain and search experts come from multiple industries and combine skills in business, technical, and patent research and analytics. We also have toxicologists and legal staff with a deep understanding of the global regulatory situation. Our R&D intelligence solutions improve efficiency by bringing together processes in a platform-independent workflow.

Reference Case

Strategic Patentability Enhancement for a Manufacturing Leader

Discover how a manufacturing leader revolutionized its patent filing strategy by implementing a strategic, agile approach to invention evaluation, significantly boosting its market competitiveness.

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