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Transforming IP strategy with bespoke solutions, expert insights, and proprietary technology enhances asset value, streamlines processes, and secures strategic advantages for market leadership.

Innovation and R&D Services

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Our mission is to enhance your IP assets’ worth and operational efficiency. Intellectual Property Consulting Solutions helps organizations seeking to navigate the complex IP landscape. We offer comprehensive solutions tailored to protect your innovations, highlight partnership and business opportunities with IP-centric insights, and help you refine and update your processes for optimal efficiency and impact. Join the industry frontrunners who trust Evalueserve for end-to-end IP strategy, process redesign, and program deployment enhancement.

Innovation and R&D Services

Key Solutions.

Innovation and R&D Services


Reference Case

How BASF Deals with Numerous and Variable IP Requests

Dealing with a high but variable volume of IP-related requests, including docketing, prosecution, patent and trademark filing, and cooperation contracts.

BASF has always had the expertise and tools to handle the patent-related tasks required of them. However, during special projects, such as the integration of new acquisitions, it has proven challenging for the team to meet the additional demand, leading BASF to seek external support.

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