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Innovation and R&D Solutions

Leading the Market in IP and R&D Services

Putting hundreds of analysts and consultants at your disposal –  patent analysts, innovation intelligence specialists, technical specialists, licensing analysts, patent agents, and IP docketing specialists. Active in R&D and intellectual property search, intelligence, and prosecution solutions, Evalueserve is the largest and one of the most respected players in the IP and R&D services industry. 

The Evalueserve IP and R&D team is unique in having a large, in-house research development and innovation intelligence team. Improving the quality of patent searches and analytics while optimizing digital and industrial intellectual property prosecution services for you is what we are here for. 

Close collaboration with customers and partners is at the heart of Evalueserve’s strategy.

Our Solutions

IP and R&D Solutions

The largest service provider of quality-focused IP and R&D search, intelligence, and IP prosecution solutions.

IPR&D Intelligence
Competitive Intelligence
Innovation and Trend Scouting
Chemical Safety Intelligence
Alerting and Update
IP and R&D Search
Novelty Search
Invalidity Search
FTO Search
IP Prosecution Services
Patent Preparation and Prosecution
IP Docketing and Administration
Chip Law Group

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Patent Search Strategy: Creating the Perfect Search

In the normal time allotted to search creation, it is probably not possible: there are too many potential documents and too many different search strategies to test. It’s highly unlikely that under normal circumstances, one could find all relevant documents.

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