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Sector-Specific Offerings in Intellectual Property and Research & Development.

Evalueserve tailors its Intellectual Property and Research & Development services across these industries to amplify the value and efficiency of your assets, guiding you in the IP protection and commercialization journey while optimizing research processes for market dominance.


Chemicals Sector.

Evalueserve elevates intellectual property to a pivotal business lever for entities within the chemicals sphere. Our offerings encompass patent mapping, market intelligence, and research insights to stimulate innovation while advancing sustainability efforts.

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Consumer Goods Sector.

For entities in the Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG) arena, Evalueserve provides IP solutions safeguarding innovation and research strategies that hasten product evolution. These efforts ensure organizational growth and the formulation of pioneering, sustainable market offerings.


Energy, Oil & Gas Sector.

We present solutions in IP protection and application and consultancy in research, aiding enterprises in the energy sector to maneuver through innovation in the market and leverage decarbonization for business expansion.

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Technology Sector.

Evalueserve caters to the industry with an array of IP services, including safeguarding, strategic planning, and monetization, complemented by research insights.

Our IP consultancy and bespoke research services are tailored to legal practices, enhancing their competitive positioning and long-term corporate impact through strategic IP administration and litigation support.

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Life Sciences & MedTech Sector.

Focusing on intellectual property and research & development, Evalueserve IP and R&D enhances companies’ capabilities in the medical technology sector by leveraging research and artificial intelligence resources to foster innovation and strategic IP management.


Manufacturing & Industrial Products.

We refine the intricate value chains of the manufacturing and industrial goods sectors through our IP and research services. These include analyses for process efficiency and reengineering services aimed at improving operational performance and market stance.

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Academic Institutions.

Evalueserve extends its IP and R&D expertise to governmental agencies, offering strategic IP management, policy development support, and research analytics services. These services are designed to bolster national innovation ecosystems, enhance public sector efficiencies, and support the formulation of policies that encourage technological advancement and sustainable development.

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