In today's competitive landscape, startups need to make informed strategic decisions to enhance the efficiency of their intellectual property (IP) and research and development (R&D) endeavors. Evalueserve has supported over 100 startups across various domains, including healthcare and hi-tech, in building robust IP and R&D strategies. These startups have seen significant success, with their IP and R&D strategies crucial to their growth and market dominance.

The Challenge

Many startups need to pay more attention to the importance of IP and market assessment in shaping successful R&D strategies, which can significantly impact their commercial success. According to the European Intellectual Property Organization (EPO) and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) study, startups with patents and trademarks are ten times more likely to secure funding. However, it is not easy to be an IP owner; we see the increasing need to manage IP assets strategically. A thorough market assessment can provide startups with the necessary insights to align their IP and R&D strategies with market demands, enhancing their chances of success.

IP highlights from the study

Understanding the impact of IP rights (IPR) on startup success requires examining critical insights from the EPO and EUIPO study. Here are some crucial highlights:

  1. IPR Intensity Across Sectors: European startups exhibit varying degrees of intensity in IP rights (IPR), with biotechnology being the most IP-intensive sector. Nearly half of the startups in this sector use patents or registered trademarks. Other notable IP-intensive sectors include science and engineering, healthcare, and manufacturing. In contrast, sectors like software and financial services rely more strongly on trademarks than patents.
  2. Role of IPR in Financing: The study highlights a positive correlation between the filing of IPRs and the likelihood of securing venture capital (VC) funding. Startups that have filed for patents or trademarks, especially at the seed or early growth stages, are significantly more likely to receive VC funding. This provides a financial boost and validates the potential of your innovative ideas in the eyes of investors.
  3. European vs. National IPRs: Startups that file European-level patents and trademarks are more likely to secure VC funding and signal higher credibility and potential to investors. This trend is compelling in the early growth stages, providing a solid foundation for startups to attract the right investors and accelerate their growth.
  4. IPR and Exit Performance: Startups with IPRs are more likely to achieve successful exits through initial public offerings (IPOs) or acquisitions. Startups that have filed for patents and trademarks will likely exit, with European IPRs providing an even more significant advantage.
  5. Sectoral Variations: The propensity to file for European patents is highest in the biotechnology, science and engineering, healthcare, and manufacturing sectors. However, there is a notable difference in trademark filings, where sectors like manufacturing show a lower propensity to file for European trademarks than national ones.
  6. Geographical Differences: There is significant variation in IPR usage across European countries. Startups from countries like Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and the Nordic countries are more likely to have filed for any IPR, indicating a more robust culture of IP protection in these regions.
  7. IPR as a Strategic Asset: The study underscores the importance of a proactive and strategic approach to IPR management for startups. Effective IPR management protects innovations, enhances the ability to attract funding, and facilitates successful exits.
  8. Limitations: The study acknowledges certain limitations, including the variability in data coverage across different countries and sectors and the inherent challenges in measuring the true impact of IPRs on startup performance due to the complex nature of innovation and market dynamics.

Comprehensive Solutions Provided by Evalueserve

Given these insights, Evalueserve offers comprehensive solutions tailored to help startups navigate the complexities of IP and R&D strategies. Here’s how Evalueserve has made a difference:

  1. Importance of IP Creation and Protection. Organizing IP awareness workshops helps startups recognize the value of incorporating IP into their R&D strategy.
  2. Understanding Innovations Around the Inventions. Technology landscapes clarified the prior art and potential obstacles to commercializing ideas.
  3. Staying Ahead of the Curve. Technology competitive intelligence and technology transfer, focusing R&D efforts on less competitive areas with higher commercial potential.
  4. Value Additions to Core Inventions. Scouting inspirations that have the potential to enhance inventions and conducting unmet need analysis. This proactive approach ensured that startups were innovating and addressing real market needs.
  5. Grant Applications and IP Searches. Conducting patentability and freedom-to-operate (FTO) searches to assess proposed inventions' novelty and commercial viability.
  6. Assessing the Target Market. Market sizing, horizon scanning to identify additional application areas, and developing a go-to-market strategy increased the chances of commercial success.

Business Impact

Collaborating with Evalueserve enabled startups to build more robust, data-driven IP and R&D strategies. Key outcomes included:

  • Increased Patent Filings: Startups experienced a 30-40% increase in patent filings.
  • Boosted R&D Efficiency: R&D efficiency improved twice, allowing for more innovative and practical development processes.
  • Enhanced Funding Success: Structured deliverables led to a four time increase in successful funding rounds, attracting more funds and grants.


By integrating robust IP and R&D market solutions, startups can significantly enhance their innovation potential and market positioning. Evalueserve's comprehensive support has proven invaluable in helping startups navigate the complexities of IP and R&D, ensuring long-term success and growth in a competitive landscape.

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