Transforming R&D Project Management: A Benchmarking Success Story in the CPG Industry


A leading company in the Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG) industry, specifically in the food and beverage sector, faced a significant challenge in establishing and structuring its Project Management Office (PMO) within the R&D business function. The main objective was to benchmark its capabilities against its peers and competitors to understand the business models, organizational hierarchies, and roles of PMOs within R&D functions and enhance its effectiveness.

Diagnose: Identifying Strategic Needs and Collaboration Benefits for Optimizing PMO within R&D

The company recognized the need to learn from the best practices of other industry giants to improve their PMO's effectiveness. The specific challenges identified were:

  1. Understanding how competitors structure their PMOs within R&D business functions.
  2. Identifying the business models and organizational hierarchies followed by peers.
  3. Determining the role of the PMO within R&D and its impact on improving organizational effectiveness.

Design: Strategic Partnership and Process Enhancement

To address these challenges, Evalueserve IP and R&D proposed a strategic partnership to benchmark the client's PMO capabilities against industry leaders:

  1. Comprehensive Benchmarking: The study focused on analyzing the PMO structures of leading companies in the industry.
  2. Secondary and Primary Research: Initial data collection was conducted through secondary research, including LinkedIn profiles and job postings, followed by primary research involving expert consultations to gather in-depth insights.
  3. Expert Consultations: Engaging with industry professionals provided critical insights into PMOs' roles, responsibilities, and organizational structures within R&D.

Deploy: Implementing the Collaboration

The deployment phase emphasized operational integration and continuous improvement:

  1. Operational Integration: Insights from benchmarking and expert consultations were integrated into the company's PMO within the R&D function, focusing on enhancing their project management capabilities.
  2. Continuous Improvement and Feedback Loop: Regular reviews and updates ensured the PMO structure evolved to meet the company's changing needs and industry standards.

Impact: Strategic Advantages and Business Impact of Optimizing PMO within R&D

The partnership and benchmarking study provided significant strategic benefits and positive business impacts:

  1. Enhanced Focus and Efficiency: By understanding best practices, the company could streamline its PMO operations, improving efficiency and allowing it to focus on core R&D activities.
  2. Increased Agility and Speed: The benchmarking study enabled faster integration of new processes and more efficient management of R&D projects.
  3. Strategic Insights and Clarity: The study provided strategic insights into the PMO's role and objectives, helping the company define key performance indicators (KPIs) and organizational structures tailored to its needs.


Evalueserve IP and R&D's benchmarking study empowered the client to enhance its PMO within the R&D function, leveraging industry best practices to improve efficiency, agility, and strategic focus. This strategic approach reinforced the company's position as a leader in the CPG industry, ensuring it remains competitive and innovative in its product development and R&D initiatives.

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