Optimizing IP Operations in a Leading Global Chemicals Company


A global chemical industry leader renowned for its extensive research and development (R&D) efforts faced the challenge of managing intricate intellectual property (IP) tasks, especially during high-stake projects like new acquisitions. This step necessitated collaboration with a trusted partner to handle patent and trademark-related requests and support in digitalizing services to optimize IP operations, enabling the in-house team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Diagnose: Identifying Strategic Needs and Collaboration Benefits for Optimizing IP Operations

Despite having a robust in-house IP team, the company recognized the need for external support during significant changes or high demand, such as integrating acquisitions. The challenges identified were:

  • Overload the in-house team during critical projects, affecting their focus on core activities.
  • Requirement for agility and expertise in handling docketing and paralegal tasks.
  • Need for optimization of existing processes to boost productivity and facilitate the offering of innovative services.

Design: Strategic Partnership and Process Enhancement

The company formed a strategic partnership with Evalueserve IP and R&D, renowned for its IP services and digital process optimization expertise:

  • Formation of a Dedicated Expert Team: Evalueserve IP and R&D assembled a team that could adapt to the company's dynamic requirements, ensuring efficient handling of routine and complex IP tasks.
  • Process Digitalization and Optimization: Initiatives were launched to digitalize existing IP services and optimize workflows to enhance productivity and introduce new services.
  • Collaborative Framework Establishment: Transition and account managers from both sides were engaged to ensure smooth operations and continuous alignment on project goals and definitions of success.

Deploy: Implementing the Collaboration

The deployment of this partnership focused on operational excellence and strategic integration:

  • Operational Integration: Evalueserve IP and R&D expert team was integrated with the company's operations, taking on a vast range of IP administrative tasks and allowing the in-house team to concentrate on strategic activities like digitalization.
  • Continuous Improvement and Feedback Loop: Regular reviews and updates of the collaborative process ensured that the partnership evolved in line with the company's changing needs and the industry.

Impact: Strategic Advantages and Business Impact of Optimizing IP Operations

The partnership yielded significant strategic benefits and positive impacts on the business:

  • Enhanced Focus and Innovation: The in-house team concentrated on essential tasks such as digitalization and innovation, with Evalueserve IP and R&D handling time-consuming IP administrative duties.
  • Increased Agility and Speed: The expert team's support enabled swifter execution of new portfolio integrations and more efficient management of periods of high demand.
  • Strengthened Trust and Transparency: The transparent, documented processes and open communication established a strong, trusting relationship between the company and Evalueserve IP and R&D, essential for long-term collaboration in sensitive fields like IP and R&D.


In conclusion, this strategic collaboration not only streamlined IP management but also empowered the company to maintain its focus on innovation and strategic growth, reinforcing its position as a leader in the chemical industry.

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