Innovation in Wellness: Probiotics for a Healthier Pregnancy


A leading global consumer goods company aimed to explore the innovation in wellness business, focusing on ingredients beneficial for pregnant women. They were particularly interested in probiotics that could positively impact gut microbiota. This exploration required comprehensive data collection and analysis for product design and market entry strategies.

Diagnose: Identifying Strategic Needs and Collaboration Benefits for Product Innovation in Wellness

The company faced several challenges in entering this niche market:

  • A detailed understanding of probiotic species and their effects on gut microbiota is needed.
  • Extensive data on patent literature, clinical trials, and market products are required to inform product development.

Design: Strategic Research and Data Collection

To address these challenges, the company partnered with an Evalueserve IP and R&D research team specializing in consumer goods expertise:

  • Comprehensive Data Collection: The team collected data from various sources, including patent literature, scientific research, and clinical trials, focusing on probiotics and their impact on pregnant women's gut microbiota.
  • Market Landscape Analysis: The team analyzed existing wellness products in the market, identifying key ingredients, combinations, and benefits.
  • Scientific Validation: Researchers gathered detailed studies and evidence to validate the efficacy of the top-identified probiotic strains.

Deploy: Implementing the Research Framework

The deployment of this research focused on operational excellence and strategic integration:

  • Data Integration and Analysis: The research team integrated vast data, providing a holistic view of the wellness market and potential probiotic ingredients.
  • Continuous Improvement and Feedback Loop: Regular reviews and updates ensured the research aligned with the company's strategic goals and the evolving market landscape.

Impact: Strategic Advantages and Business Impact of Wellness Product Innovation

The research partnership provided significant strategic benefits and positive impacts on the company's business:

  • Informed Product Development: The data and insights gathered enabled the company to design a product specifically tailored to the wellness needs of pregnant women.
  • Increased Market Agility: The detailed market landscape analysis helped the company identify key opportunities and gaps in the market, allowing for a more strategic and targeted product launch.
  • Scientific Credibility: The evidence-based approach ensured the product design was grounded in scientific research, enhancing its credibility and potential market acceptance.


This strategic collaboration gave the client a comprehensive understanding of the wellness market. It empowered them to innovate and design a product that addresses the specific needs of pregnant women. The data-driven approach and detailed market analysis from Evalueserve IP and R&D positioned the company to capitalize on new opportunities in the wellness industry.

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