Driving Innovation: Strategic Collaboration with Top Innovation Ecosystems in Pharma and Biotech


A global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry leader faced a significant challenge in forming strategic collaborations with top innovation ecosystems in various geographies to support early-stage innovation. The primary objective was to drive and foster innovation by establishing connections with relevant stakeholders, positioning itself as the partner of choice within these leading ecosystems.

Diagnose: Identifying Strategic Needs and Collaboration Benefits for Optimizing Innovation Ecosystems

The client recognized the need to leverage the most promising innovation ecosystems aligned with their research interests, such as oncology, cell, and gene therapy. The specific challenges identified were:

  • Navigating the high number of existing innovation ecosystems to identify the most valuable and promising ones for collaboration.
  • Conducting a comprehensive evaluation to define the top ecosystems and allocate the budget effectively.
  • Performing an in-depth analysis of the top ecosystems to identify potential access points for collaboration and develop successful engagement strategies.

Design: Strategic Partnership and Process Enhancement

To address these challenges, Evalueserve proposed a multiphasic approach that included:

  1. Innovation Scouting: This phase involved creating an interactive dashboard to identify suitable access points within innovation ecosystems. It also involved evaluating these access points based on geographic coverage and focused therapy areas.
  2. Benchmarking and Deep-Dive Analysis: Conducting a detailed benchmarking exercise to prioritize top access points. This step included a scoring and ranking matrix based on parameters like alignment with strategic goals, reach, research impact, and political environment.
  3. Collaboration Assessment: Engaging in expert consultations to ensure the benchmarking process included all relevant access points and that the top choices were feasible for collaboration. This phase also involved designing multiple routes for the client to engage with the top-ranking ecosystems.


All three phases involved conducting thorough secondary research using a wide range of public and paid databases. The databases utilized included Pitchbook, Innovation Index/Scoreboard, university rankings, citation rankings, and websites of access points and innovation ecosystems. This helped to gather comprehensive insights into potential innovation ecosystems.

Deploy: Implementing the Collaboration

The deployment phase emphasized operational integration and continuous improvement:

  • Operational Integration: Insights from benchmarking and expert consultations were integrated into the client's strategy, focusing on effective collaboration with top innovation ecosystems.
  • Continuous Improvement and Feedback Loop: Regular reviews and updates ensured the collaboration strategies evolved to meet the client's changing needs and industry standards.

Impact: Strategic Advantages and Business Impact of Optimizing Innovation Ecosystems

The strategic partnership and benchmarking study provided significant benefits and positive business impacts:

  • Enhanced Focus and Efficiency: By understanding best practices, the client streamlined its collaboration efforts, improving efficiency and allowing it to focus on core research activities.
  • Increased Agility and Speed: The benchmarking study enabled faster integration of new collaboration processes and more efficient management of innovation partnerships.
  • Strategic Insights and Clarity: The study provided insights into the innovation ecosystems, helping the client define key performance indicators (KPIs) and organizational structures tailored to its needs.


Evalueserve's comprehensive support empowered the client to enhance its collaboration strategies with top innovation ecosystems, leveraging industry best practices to improve efficiency, agility, and strategic focus. This strategic approach reinforced the client's position as a leader in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, ensuring it remains competitive and innovative in its research and development initiatives.

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