In today's competitive business landscape, companies grapple with numerous pressures, prioritising daily operations and strategic objectives such as maximising revenue and profit. However, safeguarding intellectual property, especially trade secrets, often needs to receive the attention it requires. A trade secrets audit is critical, enabling companies to effectively identify, evaluate, and protect their valuable proprietary information.

Evalueserve IP and R&D's Strategic Role in Trade Secret Audits

Evalueserve IP and R&D distinguish themselves by adopting a strategic advisory role in conducting IP and trade secret audits. We tailor this approach precisely to align with our client's objectives. The audit begins by defining its scope, where our team gains an in-depth understanding of your business. This step helps identify and safeguard valuable assets and enhance existing security measures. Our collaboration extends across our domain expert team and Trade secret management partner Peerdweb to ensure the best protection strategy for your assets.

Developing Effective Protective Measures and Processes

Our audits often reveal that companies have some protective measures, but these may not always provide adequate protection or be easy to implement. We address these issues by developing practical policies that seamlessly integrate with your company's culture, ensuring these strategies are straightforward to manage.

For instance, implementing blockchain-based solutions empowers companies to establish a decentralised ledger for all trade secret interactions. This ledger can meticulously record who accessed the information, when, and what changes were made. Such detailed tracking aids in enforcing non-disclosure agreements and monitoring internal access to sensitive information, thereby enhancing trade secret protection.

The immutable nature of blockchain technology ensures that no one can alter an entry retroactively once it is made, providing a reliable audit trail. This feature can be invaluable in legal scenarios where establishing proof of ownership and access is necessary, giving you the confidence that your trade secrets are secure.

Furthermore, blockchain technology can facilitate the creation of smart contracts that automatically enforce terms and conditions regarding the access and use of trade secrets. For instance, access to specific trade secrets can be restricted to certain individuals and under certain conditions, with the intelligent contract managing permissions and logging each access event.

Adopting blockchain to protect trade secrets enhances security and streamlines asset management. It reduces the need for extensive manual supervision and offers a scalable, efficient means of safeguarding critical business information against unauthorised access and potential IP theft.

Integrating blockchain into IP protection strategies shows how we can harness advanced technologies to enhance the security and management of intangible assets in a digitally driven world.

Comprehensive Protection of Trade Secrets

Evalueserve IP and R&D, conduct thorough audits of physical and data security practices, and scrutinise contractual agreements like non-disclosure and employment agreements. We also customise IP process redesign that underscore the importance of protecting trade secrets.

Ongoing Strategic Counseling and Transactional Support

Beyond the initial audit, Evalueserve IP and R&D offers continuous strategic counselling and transactional support. This service includes:

  1. Tailored IP Strategy Development. Intellectual Property consultants are crucial in helping businesses formulate and refine their IP strategies over time. This service involves regular assessment of the business's goals, market dynamics, and technological advancements to ensure that the IP strategy remains aligned with the company's overall strategic direction. For instance, consultants may advise on shifting focus towards more lucrative or technologically relevant patents as industry standards evolve.
  2. Competitive Intelligence. Our consultants provide invaluable insights into competitors' IP activities, a key factor in maintaining a competitive edge. By meticulously monitoring competitors' patent filings, IP acquisitions, and litigation activities, we help you identify potential threats and opportunities in the market. This intelligence empowers your business to make informed decisions on where to invest in IP development, thereby strengthening your market position.
  3. Licensing Strategies. Effective licensing strategies are the cornerstone of monetising IP assets. Our consultants excel at identifying potential licensing opportunities and advising on structuring licensing agreements that reflect your business's best interests. This step includes determining appropriate royalty rates, negotiating terms that enhance the commercialisation of IP, and ensuring compliance with relevant IP laws. By doing so, we help you maximise the financial potential of your IP assets.
  4. IP Valuation. Accurate valuation of IP assets is critical during transactions and corporate decision-making. IP consultants use various methods to appraise the value of IP portfolios, considering market trends, existing and potential earnings from the IP, and the legal environment. This valuation supports more informed strategic decisions regarding IP management and commercialisation.

Ensuring Compliance and Best Practices

IP consultants are invaluable in ensuring businesses adhere to best practices in IP management and comply with national and international IP laws. Consultants conduct regular audits and reviews to help identify gaps in compliance and recommend corrective measures. This proactive approach minimises legal risks and fortifies the business's IP strategy against potential challenges.

Enhanced Security and Intellectual Property Protection Outcomes

Our trade secret audit aims to provide a robust, proactive assessment of your information assets, leading to strengthened protection measures. Our detailed audit process not only guards against immediate threats but also boosts the long-term value of your intellectual assets.


In conclusion, the intricate and highly strategic trade secret audits conducted by Evalueserve IP and R&D are indispensable in today's digitally dominated market landscape. We provide unparalleled protection of your trade secrets by leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and engaging in comprehensive audits that include physical and data security practices. Our approach ensures these vital assets are safeguarded and strategically managed to enhance their value over time.

Furthermore, our commitment to ongoing strategic counselling and transactional support equips businesses with the tools necessary to navigate the complex terrain of intellectual property management. From developing tailored IP strategies to conducting competitive intelligence and advising on licensing, Evalueserve IP and R&D positions your company to capitalise on its intellectual assets while mitigating risks associated with IP theft and non-compliance.

By choosing Evalueserve IP and R&D for your trade secret audit and ongoing IP management, you ensure that your trade secrets are protected and leveraged to their fullest potential, contributing significantly to your company's competitive advantage and long-term success.

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Written by

Justin Delfino
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