In today's innovation race, businesses must leverage their intellectual property (IP) for a competitive edge and revenue generation. Patent licensing and monetization are potent tools to unlock the full potential of your IP portfolio. At Evalueserve, we've developed the PITCH framework, a proven approach that simplifies navigating the complexities of patent licensing and ensures optimal outcomes for our clients. Let's explore how it works and the impact it delivers.

The Power of Patent Licensing: Turning Ideas into Revenue Streams

At its core, licensing is official permission to use something under specific conditions. In the realm of patents, licensing allows the patent owner not only the right to use and sell the invention but also to stop others or license the patent in exchange for royalties or other forms of compensation. This arrangement is mutually beneficial: the patent owner monetizes their IP assets while the licensee gains access to developed technology without significant investment in research and development.

Consider this hypothetical scenario: a restaurant owner patents a robot that serves beverages, transforming from a robot to a car to deliver drinks, much like scenes from a Transformers movie. Another entrepreneur wants to open a railway-themed restaurant using the same technology. Instead of reinventing the wheel, they seek a license from the original patent holder, allowing them to use the technology under specific conditions in exchange for a royalty fee. This licensing agreement benefits both parties—the patent holder monetizes their invention, and the licensee gains access to advanced technology without heavy R&D investment.

Beyond the Quote: Why Licensing Matters in Today's Market

As Thomas Edison said, "There's a way to do it better—find it." In today's fiercely competitive environment, companies are constantly seeking disruptive technologies. Licensing fosters open innovation and strengthens your market position by:

  1. Expanding your reach: Your invention can be used by others, extending its impact.
  2. Building a defensive cover: Licensing discourages infringement and protects your innovation.

Evalueserve IP and R&D: Your Trusted Partner in Patent Licensing

With over 20+ years of experience, Evalueserve is a leader in outsourced licensing solutions. We've facilitated over 500 monetization deals and conducted extensive market research for our clients. We offer a comprehensive suite of services to maximize any client's patent portfolio's value:

  1. Tailored Licensing Packages: We craft licensing strategies to connect you with the right partners.
  2. Seamless Technology Transfer: We facilitate your technology transfer to suitable partners.
  3. Directed or Strategic Patent Prosecution: We help you build a strong patent portfolio targeting specific markets.


The 2022 Patent Trend Report highlights that 91% of in-house respondents are involved in licensing and monetizing their organization's patents, and 45% want to expand their current licensing programs within the next 12 months. This data indicates a robust interest in leveraging patents for revenue generation​​.

The PITCH Framework: A Data-Driven Approach to Patent Success

Evalueserve’s PITCH framework is a unique, analytics-driven method that uses IP and market research to identify and unlock strategic value from your patents. This five-step process provides a roadmap to success:


  • Capture the client’s active and granted patent portfolio using databases like Questel Orbit or lists shared by the client.
  • Analyze and categorize patents based on the technology described, creating a customized taxonomy.
  • Categorize technology using specific taxonomy tags. For example, patents can be categorized into Level-1 nodes, such as Cybersecurity, AI, and Blockchain, and Level-2 nodes, such as Encryption and Decryption, CNN, and NFTs.


  • Observe trends derived from the taxonomy.
  • Identify relevant markets based on the observed trends.
  • Perform market assessments to determine market segmentation, sizing, and other relevant information.


  • Evaluate and benchmark technologies against industry metrics like CAGR, market size, and commercial viability.
  • Create benchmarking scorecards for each patent, reflecting relationships of interest and enabling scenario optimization.


  • Qualify potential commercial targets for benchmarked patents.
  • Rate companies and products based on metrics like revenue, investments, geography, and utility of technology.
  • Tag relevant products from critical companies to high-value patents.


  • Identify overlapping patents and package them together.
  • Create claim charts and proof of concepts for selected patents, ensuring smooth transitions to licensees or partners.

How PITCH Empowers Businesses?

Evalueserve's PITCH framework empowers clients to:

  1. Gain actionable insights: Through efficient technology analysis, you'll understand your patent portfolio's strengths and commercialization opportunities.
  2. Target the right markets: Identify markets with high potential for your technologies, which will lead to informed commercialization decisions.
  3. Focus resources strategically: Prioritize patents with the highest commercial potential for maximum impact.
  4. Find the perfect partners: We help you identify suitable companies for licensing or technology transfer agreements.
  5. Mitigate risks: We proactively assess and mitigate risks associated with technology transfer.

Key Insights from the Patent Trend Report

The Patent Trend Report provides valuable insights that align with the benefits of the PITCH framework:

  • Growing Patent Portfolios: 69% of organizations reported an increase in their patent portfolios in the past year, driven by increased budgets, greater C-suite buy-in, and changes in business focus​​.
  • Licensing Revenue: Many organizations are driving significant revenue from patent licensing, with 29% earning between $5 million and $10 million annually and a quarter earning between $10 million and $50 million​​.
  • Challenges in Patent Management: The complexity of the patent system, the time it takes to obtain patents, and the costs associated with obtaining patents are the primary challenges preventing organizations from filing more patents​​.
  • Outsourcing Trends: 45% of organizations are outsourcing between 26% and 50% of their patent activities, with patent licensing, analysis, and search being the top areas for outsourcing​​.

Moving Forward

Patent licensing and monetization are essential for businesses to maximize the value of their IP. Evalueserve's PITCH framework provides a comprehensive and structured approach to achieving this goal. With our expertise and the PITCH framework, you can unlock the full potential of your patents, drive innovation, and achieve your strategic business objectives.

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